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Her Miror™ (For cars)

Her Miror™ (For cars)

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Whether you are late to work, school, or a night out - never worry about your makeup not staying in place ever again. Her Miror™ allows you to do stunning and flawless makeup in the car that is not possible with the normal car mirrors.




LEDs on all four sides of the mirror create ideal lighting and allow you to see all the important details on your face. Touch up your look before the sun even rises or late at night, without a single mistake caused by lack of light.



Switch between 3 different color modes to get optimal lighting at any time of the day. Tap the left button for warm yellow color and right for cool white. Use both at the same time to create a realistic daylight effect. Long press to dim to your preference.



Vanity Visor is designed for a seamless fit in any car. The mirror size is 10.2×5.3×0.4 inches, which gives you a clear & considerable view while doing makeup. Use included velcro straps to fix the mirror for your car's visor. 


✅ Bigger & brighter

✅ Battery-powered

✅ Smart touch control

✅ Scratch-resistant glass 

✅ Easy to install 

✅ 100% money-back guarantee


UPDATE: Due to the high increase in demand, the sale will only be for a limited period of time.

SHIPPING: All orders will arrive in 7 days or less.

REFUNDS: All orders are refundable, simply contact us within 30 days to get a no questions asked refund.

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